FOREVER US, Unique Gravestones

Gravestones with memory

Tombstones to remember our loved ones,  personalized, including images, motifs and memories. A modern technology in manufacturing gravestones with better guarantees, reliability in the service and facility of installation. FOREVER US is an international company with presence in Europe and America.

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Tataranietos, live genealogy.

Family memory. Services to preserve and share family memorials without limits. It includes family tree, research, coaching and consulting services by professional genealogist.

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Duelia, Support on duel and illness.

Help with mourning: Creating the Homage Book helps people emotionally, to re-position the loved one and face the future.

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POSTUMER, Digital legacy management.


Digital legacy management. Removing profile of decesased in social networks. Review and archive his information from internet. Download or transfer e-mail accounts, web pages or blogs.

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